The Wolves of Midwinter

Monday, April 16, 2012

Preview of "College Free Summer Series" on A Bibliophile's Reverie

  Until May 3rd, I'm going to be frantically busy because I'll be trying to  finishing all my college assignments in time. That has been the trend for my entire semester, and it's one of the reasons that this blog has been updated infrequently. I'm aware that I made a calendar approximately two months ago that promised reviews of certain books during the month of March.

   For now, I'm going to plan on posting many of those reviews in May. Instead of giving you a calendar of upcoming reviews with planned dates, I'll just list the books that I plan on reviewing during the college-free summer months, where I'll have ample time to read, and write thorough reviews.
Upcoming posts on A Bibliophile's Reverie
Future Book Reviews (Tentative):

The Map Across Time

(Plus, I'll be providing a review of the sequel of "The Land of Darkness," around the same time the first review is posted)

(I don't normally read Star War books, but this one was an exceptional read. For that reason, I have to cover it to potentially debunk some pernicious myths about Star War books. I'm not your average Star Wars book reader. This was the first one I've read in 10 years.)

Forthcoming Blog Posts:

"The Wolf Gift" Philosophy/Discussion Posts

Hopefully, "The Wolf Gift" will be making a reappearance during my summer series. Similar to "The Vampire Chronicle" philosophy posts, I'm planning to do an in-depth analysis of Anne Rice's recent werewolf book. I'm personally excited about this one because ever since reading the book, I've had pages of notes that are waiting with bated breath to be incorporated into philosophical posts.

Shakespeare Film Festival....Bibliophile Style

     Ever since taking a Shakespeare course that was required for my English degree, I have developed this insatiable love for all things Shakespeare related. People must grow weary sometimes of how many things I seek to compare with "Macbeth," and "Hamlet." Anyways, I will forewarn you that my fervor about this particular blog series might traumatize you. I'll be reading a Shakespeare play, and essentially comparing it with a well-known film adaptation. Sometimes, I might include two film adaptations. For example, I know that "Twelfth Night"   has a standard adaptation with Helena Bonham Carter, and there's also an unorthodox adaptation, starring Amanda Bynes, called "She's the Man." For that particular comedy, I'll definitely be doing both. Either way, I am dangerously excited about this because I get to talk about Shakespeare outside of class.

      As you can see it, "A Bibliophile's Reverie" is not fading away into obscurity. I don't even know how I managed to post this, when I have four papers staring at me concernedly right now.. 

Sunday, April 01, 2012

(In Anne Rice's upcoming novel,Margaret the zombie, is both infinitely smarter and sexier than we are)
A Special Announcement for Anne Rice's Forthcoming Zombie Novel, which will be aptly titled: "Interview with a Zombie"

Without divulging too many details, I asked her upcoming character,Margaret, some tantalizing questions. (Doesn't she look fetching in the picture above?)
*No Fantasty freaks were harmed during this interview*
Margaret, First off, I want to thank you for answering these questions as coherently as possibly. Also, I'm glad that you're on a temporary diet today. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to have this interview with you. (Of course, your inarticulate grunts will be translated as accurately as possible)
 So, why did Anne Rice decide to write a zombie novel?

GRRRRR.GRRRR.... GRRR..... After so many vampire books, she decided that it was time to expand her horizons. She wants to humanize zombies, make them have more brains than the atypical brainless zombie. Lets just say that she wants to make flesh-eating fiends become sexy.

  2. All her Facebook page fans were pretty ecstatic though about this new ghost story or that Atlantis novel. How will Anne Rice make something as... excuse my parlance.... repulsive as zombies become sexy once again?
 Margaret:  Grrrr.... Grrrr.. Grrr... (obviously indignant). First off, Anne Rice finds fresh potential for zombies to be just as sexy as werewolves, mummies, and zombies. She's reasonably open-minded, and when we discussed the novel together, she told me that she wanted to explore the potential that the zombies have an intelligence that supersedes our own intelligence. Essentially, we are so smart that we are incomprehensible to your primitive senses. Our grunts are more profound than the drivel that your limited minds receive them as.  We also have spiritual potential. I'm quite ecstatic about this book. As my translated text is showing you, we zombies have been unreasonably misunderstood. Its not our fault that we've evolved to the point of hungering the flesh of you devolved plebeians.

3. Margaret, the book sounds promising, but fans have reservations. They don't want zombies to be smarter than us; the whole point of the zombie movie is to provide graphic violence without any development of the enemy that needs to be fended off. Traditionally, werewolves and werewolves were the same way: they are mindless,inhuman aberrations that are killed without any remorse whatsoever. How do you think zombie fans will react to Anne Rice's new novel:Interview with the Zombie,knowing Zombies will be smarter than we can grasp?

Margaret: They'll adjust to the idea,once they read the actual novel that should be coming out soon. Anne Rice has thankfully divested zombies of their boring idiocy, and have made them compelling killers. Who wants a brainless enemy? This new novel has psychological intrigue. Its more interesting than the standard zombie novel. There is a psychological layer to the zombie war within this novel. More importantly, the zombies might not be definitively evil. We're talking about a zombie story with moral ambiguity, a true mind-numbing story that causes us to wrack our brains over "What constitutes evil?" 

4. I know Anne Rice's chauffeur is waiting to drive you back to her small ranch. But, when can we expect Anne Rice to announce more news of this novel? I'm so stoked about reading this, and I'm sure most of my readers are.
Anne Rice plans to release this on the brink of the Zombie Apocalypse: December 21,2012. I cannot divulge any more details, but we'll be taking over the world, and making all of you into our dinners as a special complimentary treat for all the loyal Anne Rice fans.

Unfortunately, Fantastyfreak was unable to finish this interview after Margaret feasted on his living flesh&bookish mind. She now has more ideas for her... I mean, Anne Rice's upcoming novel: Interview with a Zombie.