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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Continued efforts to Thwart Wolfram and Hart's (Warner Bros.'s) plans to ruin Buffy.  Campaign against the Buffy Reboot

First off, I believe a Happy Thanksgiving is in order. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! There, I defied my grammatical rules and actually used the internet tactic of highlighting  your words with unnecessary capitalization.   Anyways this post will be short because I'm only outlining the various steps you can take to continue waging a pacifistic, verbal war against the evil, Wolfram and Hart (Warner Bros.) who are permitting our dearly beloved Buffyverse to be trifled with. Remember to check out previous posts for more details though I'll be repeating some of the same steps again. For some reason, repetition is necessary with something as important as fighting corporate foolishness. That's right! Wolfram and Hart, we will not allow you to trespass upon Buffy and defile it. We will never reward you with money for your treachery!!!

Here are some wonderful steps you can take to stop the Buffy Reboot from happening:
1. Do you have a Twitter account? If so, include Buffy reboot campaign messages and place "#nojossnobuffy" somewhere in the message. This is the universal code for our Twitter campaign against the Buffy Reboot. All the Buffy fans are in hopes we can make this a trending topic sometime in the near future.
2. I know many of you subsist on the diet of Facebook daily. So instead of reacting with alacrity to distress messages about broken relationships. Use that alacrity to share information about the campaign on nearly all the pages on Facebook including your own. Of course, you should also join the "I'm with JoJo.." Facebook page:

****Be reminded that you only have to click this picture to bring up the page.**** 

One Last, Special Campaign Activity: Wishing Wolfram and Hart/Warner Bros. Happy Thanksgiving while sharing our lack of thanks for Allowing the Buffy Reboot!!!
****Acess Warner Bros. Picture's Facebook fan page wall by clicking HERE. 
Once there, share your frustration packaged with season's greetings. Meaning, leave them a Happy Thanksgiving message and follow it with a message that details you not being thankful for their decision to allow for the Buffy reboot to occur.

Leave similiar messages on their Twitter. Always start those Twitter messages with @wbpictures to have them sent to the right people. 

Equip yourself with anger disguised as cheers and propriety! Be head strong even if others look upon you with confusion and disgust. In the end, we could unitedly stand against the Buffy Reboot and wipe its potential existence from the face of the Earth and the myriad of demon dimensions!!!!! We will walk through the fire!!

One last, season appropriate promotional Campaign picture:


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Campaign against Buffy Reboot Promotional Pictures

Feel Free to distribute these through social media outlets and other websites!

Please remain determined!!

The Campaign to Save Buffy

Even after a period of twenty four hours, my mind has seen no reprieve from the disappointment with the irresponsibility of the legal owners of the Buffy rights. Instead of respecting the zeal of the fans and the rich architecture of the series. Warner Brothers and their greedy executives are permitting one writer's Buffy fanfiction to be adapted. They are giving her entrance to Joss Whedon's Creative Factory and allowing her the license to thoroughly deface it. 

Has anyone read this distressing news piece? (Click the picture to produce the article)


Her defense for the reboot is weakly structured and filled with fallacies. For instance, she wrongfully judges the fans as being ecstatic about plans to have Buffy return. First off, I have to question the level of her delusion due to her candidness when  speaking  about us as being happy about some person's plans to efface Joss Whedon's rich mythology. By misquoting the fans, I have to wonder if she is steeped in her own artistic arrogance. Does she actually consider her plans to produce a Buffy reboot to be fulfilling the secret wishes of Buffy fans worldwide?

With any known franchise, this sort of artistic disrespect would never be permitted. Actually, this sort of irrespective tactic fits the styling of Wolfram and Hart's own decisions. Therefore, I conclude that she must be some type of Lilah Morgan incarnate who is seeking to destroy everything that Buffy stands for. Actually, the last few sentences are mostly exaggerations of the true position. But, Whit Morgan (the writer of this Buffy reboot), is acting like the nefarious villains that populate Joss Whedon's world.    

In typical corporate fashion, Warner Bros/ Wolfram and Hart (the villainous law firm in Angel) are conspiring against the fans and succumbing to the whims of one crazed fan's dream to see her fanfiction be adapted to screen. She's planning to leech the creativity, whimsicality, humanity, and witticism we associate with Buffy. In the name of making her fandom dreams manifest, she will overlook the ire of the fans, actors, producers, and any other individuals who are invested in Buffyverse. As an artist, I will not condone her ill regard for another person's work of art. Instead, I will remain incensed about the  travesty that Warner Bros. is wishing to  permit. If this Buffy reboot proceeds as planned, a precedent will be set that will allow many forms of plagiarism and unlawful emulation to occur. For these reasons, I ask my Blog readers to pitch in to stop this injustice from occurring.I can only hope that my other favorite television series such as Dark Angel or Farscape will not face a similar fate all in the name of corporate greed and individual egotism. 

Here are the methods of aid that will help show that we Buffy fans, Joss Whedon fans, Browncoats (self-acclaimed Firefly fans), or respecters of art will not stand for corporal greed to defame artists of all kinds. Allowing a Buffy reboot means that art legally can be stolen and trashed. It means that plagiarism is not completely protected by the law. There are tragically holes that allow for megalomaniacs to take advantage of creative properties.  If Whit Anderson considers herself a Buffy fan, she will forfeit her plans to  remake Buffy without the consent of the fans, the creator, or the countless others who have passionate ownership over this mythology. 

Now, there are ways we can avert this tragedy from occurring:

*Tweet this Blog post, email it, share it on Facebook it, or use any other means that promotes this justice cause

*Do you notice the homely Joss Whedon picture at the top? You know? The one that pays an uncanny resemblance to those Obama pictures. Well, click it and you'll be directed to a Facebook page. Once there, please become a fan of that page and use your anger and frustration about the Buffy reboot tragedy in a productive way. Tweet the link of that page, email it, or share it on Facebook! We need to make our disgust known to the greedy corporate leaders. Wolfram/Hart aka. Warner Bros. needs to know that we will not allow plans to ruin our beloved series to go through.  Prevent yourself from becoming complacent with wishful thinking because the plans to remake this film are ethically wrong on all levels. Therefore, we need to be firm and assertive when telling them that we refuse to allow Buffy to be meddled with.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


      While many people are encroached by the duties of Thanksgiving, I have to dedicate my holiday spare time to writing. Nearly every hour this weekend will be spent reediting various completed pages. I have had a loose scattering of scenes that do not follow chronologically. Some of these scenes are now being utilized as guide posts or reference guides. They will aid me in preserving the accuracy of certain plot points. Also, these detached sequences have ultimately helped shape the writing style of my story.

So, What is Death Seer about?: Why would I divulge any information about the novel? Right now, the novel's contained in a very disorderly outline. Then again, I did force order upon certain elements that are very critical in making certain story points comprehensible.

Who are the characters? An enigmatic, female figure of time; a sadistic,wily assasin; and a cowardly, introspective Death Seer. There are many more involved. But, as of now, these characters will not be made known till the published edition appears.

When will it be finished? I'm aiming for March or April. As of now, no one will be seeing the full text till the supposed published edition. Who knows if that edition will ever appear?

What genre is the story? cyberpunk, dystopian fiction with theological and philosophical elements. Perhaps, that description was a bit too convoluted.
Experimenting with Chaos: Whedonless Buffy Reboot

Before this unfortunate incident, I had grand delusions about a wonderful Thanksgiving without the extra helping of mortal stupidity. Actually, in this case, we might as well phrase this Warner Brother's charitable offering of pure stupidity. They have taken an extra step in the process of human degradation. In the scheme of the many evolutionary processes, they have devolved into mindless neanderthals who have hatched a full proof plan of sheer idiocy. Remember that episode of Buffy where the college frat boys regress to a primate stage due to over-consumption of alcohol? I feel the same by-effects were experienced by the non-geniuses behind this plan formed through profound stupidity.   They've decided to reboot Buffy to the loud jeers of Buffy fans worldwide. So, while the world at large enjoys Thanksgiving with greed. Buffy fans worldwide will be sulking over this very terrible news.

How could any company in the world conceive such madness? When they were contemplating their plans, the denouncements were reverberating throughout the cyber world.   There was not one fan who seemed pleased by any rumblings of news about the plans to reboot the beloved Buffy franchise. Because, the show's mythology had already been intricately crafted by the genius writers involved with the Buffy and Angel series. Warner's Brothers plans to revive and revise the series is asinine,pure and simple. I still can recall that iconic moment at 2009's Philadelphia World where Emma Caulfiled, the actress who played ex-demon Anya, voiced her ire about Warner Brother's plans to reboot the series. In response, the whole audience of Buffy fans erupted with thunderous applause that acknowledged that they hoped too for this reboot to fail miserably.

Except, Will it fail miserably? Or will the world of nerds be hopelessly complacent with the ideas? Sometimes when these things occurs, factions are formed and one of those factions are keen about unthinkably complying with studio executives. In this case, they would be eschewing the undeniable fact that Joss Whedon was the architect behind the brilliant Buffy. The ill fated Buffy offering before that was a film that had no artistry or any moments of intelligence. This film was the terrible Kristy Swanson film which has repeatably been referred to as being a disastrous film. Didn't Joss Whedon, with the aid of other skilled writers, salvage the premise of that film and recreate the series successfully? We unconsciously associate Buffy with the seven seasons of Buffy and the five seasons of Angels. Altogether, they comprise the whole Buffy verse which should never be tampered with. Warner Bros's reboot comes at a time where its too premature to restart the entire series. In essence, they are satirizing and disrespecting the established mythology that exists for this property. Also, they are clearly perturbing fans, Buffy actors, screenwriters, and the creator himself with these ill conceived plans. 

With this, I am officially refusing to support anything associated with this project. As with this summer's bomb, "The Last Air bender," I will forgo seeing the film and committing any action that  indirectly supports it financially. Hopefully, other Buffy fans will smartly realize the importance to show support and respect for their beloved property. When you see the Buffy reboot and support it with cash, you are essentially permitting megalomaniacs at Warner Brothers to prove that drivel in the form of poorly developed remakes is a smart,financial endeavor. In reality, we know that the very existence of this remake sullies the high reputation Buffy carries in the world of entertainment. Due to these reasons, I refuse to see any uninspired incarnations of Buffy that seek to dismantle and destroy the firmly established mythology that a large group of people worked tirelessly to create.  In all honestly, I wish for this film to fail miserably.  Hopefully, it will not prosper like the many Twilight characters that defy story conflict.   

Spike's Reaction to the news:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anne Rice's Old Curiosity Shop  Discussion Questions:

So far, there has been no discussions brewing. Hopefully this tentative list will help you to research and gain some ideas for these upcoming discussions. Remember Anne Rice's Old Curiosity Shop remains open till November 30th and possibly beyond this date. I fervently wish for some activity here so I am not the only one concocting analytical answers to these many questions. 

Tentative Discussion Topics:
*Comparison between Siddhartha and Lestat
*The Mayfair Matriarchs 
*Role of Religion in the Vampire Chronicles
*Near Death Experiences
*Are Lestat and Nicholas and David and Jonathan similiar?
*The Mystery of Claudia
*In Depth Discussion of the much under-appreciated genius of  "Menmoch the Devil"

*Biblical and Historical Allusions in Anne Rice's literary universe
*The Musicality of Anne Rice's prose
*The Tale of The Body Thief: Vampire Retelling of Faust?
*The Philosophy of the Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witch Chronicles 
*Dickensian Elements of Anne Rice's books
And more?

Anne Rice's Old Curiosity Shop

Come ye, all you desirous bibliophiles. Pass through the threshold of Anne Rice's Old Curiosity Shop where for the next week or so, there will be an unending reign of festivities in this temporary home. Yes, temporarily, Anne Rice's Old Curiosity Shop will be opening its doors on "A Bibliophile's Reverie." And till the end of November when "Of Love and Evil," finally releases, there will be a uninterrupted conversation about all things related to Anne Rice's opulent, richly Gothic world. 

Seriously, enter intrepid readers! Smell the scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The unseen cloud of cookie scent is wafting throughout the small kitchen, located near the front door of the shop. This small, cozy kitchen resides to the left of the shop's sitting room where a fire is bursting with warming, inviting flames. Around the marble fireplace, there sits three brown leather chairs restively sitting and waiting for someone to sit down upon them.

Neither Lestat nor the other band of vampires could make it for this meeting. So, instead I'll be the master of this party and every day I'll be initiating conversation about all things related to Anne Rice's vast,literary universe. Anne Rice may pay an unpredicted visit to our lively meetings. But she's busy exploring the ruins of Atlantis at the moment or paying visit to Lestat who has not written anything new for ages. Oh well, Toby (from Angel Time) has been more than happy to enliven Anne Rice's Old Curiosity Shop for the time being.
Hopefully, his new journal entry about his angelic visitations will more than suffice till Anne Rice invites some  more venerable immortals to the party.

To those who have never visited Anne Rice's Facebook page, please feel free to explore the intellectual jungles of her page. At nearly every intersection in the winding pathways of her Facebook page, there is stimulating conversation occurring about a range of topics including politics, literature, movies, current events or other pressing issues in the world. While you're there, invite some stragglers there to join this temporary meeting of literary addicts. Though the page is darkly colored and still rather lonely, more people occupying this space with their presence and ideas should keep this place alive. 

Beginning today in this undisturbed space, the topic will center around ideas for topics till the eve of November 30th. I hope to have more than myself entertaining the few people merely browsing the shop. I'll need many people to fill this space and generate some idea behind restoring this shop. Right now, there are cobwebs littering the dark corners of the living room because there are no ideas being created. Therefore, I implore everyone who happens upon this page to leave a comment here about your ideas for keeping "Anne Rice's Old Curiosity Shop," alive for the next week.  Till then, let the discussion begin!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Death's Demise

                Death overlooked the idyllic wasteland below the banister of his dwellings. Flowers were in bloom, and the scene was unpleasant due to its extreme optimism.  Even the trees were arched straight and were filled with sheets of healthy green leaves. Nothing could be more abhorrent than to see such bliss. Even the denizens of this perversion were whistling merrily while shuffling off to their gratifying jobs. No disconcerting screams of pain could be heard in this land.

The whole scene below him appeared incomplete without Death. It needed that small ounce of misery in order to make the scene complete. Some tree needed to become unwieldy with burden. The petals of the flowers needed to be properly scorched till the color disappeared. And those merry bumpkins, who littered the prairie space with their sinful happiness, needed to be removed from the scene. Death had to make its presence known.
So death stealthily moved about the glorified prairie and quietly stepped upon the cobblestone pathway. The pathway cracked with the impact of Death’s daring steps; while the blanket of grass, bordering the path, turned yellow with Death’s quiet sneers.
As death pranced happily about the cobblestone path, trees collapsed and the mirthful citizens gasped. Without forewarning, the prairie’s citizens became inanimate. Their former life of purpose and meaning was meddled with. Children and adults alike cried endlessly over the meaningless carcasses of their loved ones. The only remaining lives were the happy memories held in the fogged minds of those fearing Death.  
Death cackled while more people befell their deaths. Piteous screams erupted from the people. Death thought they were pathetic to offer prayers to some ruler of an afterlife. This was their final termination. Once they died, the illusion of life would be abolished.
One boy still walked through the wreckage of the death surrounding him. He walked upright with confidence. The locks of his dark blonde hair shimmered in the obscene darkness of the world. His blue eyes discerned the dark, searching for one last piece of happiness.
Death laughed then sniveled. He laughed hard enough to cry at the ridiculousness of this boy’s steady hope. What could this boy potentially find?
Suddenly the boy pointed confidently to Death’s blackened form. “Please I implore you Death, Kill me. I’m much too happy.” The boy announced his plans with a surprising amount of determination.
Death was daunted by this boy’s willingness to die. No life force has ever asked for death.
                “Fine, I shall do as you command. You’re the last form of life in this miserable place.” The boy suddenly became dominated by a feeling of strangulation. He breathed one slow breath and then exhaled his last. Finally, the boy crumpled to the ground. He was dead.
                Death laughed aloud at his success. Then the gathered memories of those he killed became unrepressed. Death died with the unwillingness to accept their worth.
                Life awakened soon and reverted to its former glory. In this remade world, life was the master.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Poetic Responce to Kamelot's "Poetry for the Poisoned."

Complete Chaos

The Great Pandemonium
A clangorous noise
Echoes through the caverns
Of a depraved mind and
Shakes the foundations
In support of the temple of sanity

Clutching the frame of my skull
Grasping for nonexistent equilibrium
If tomorrow came
Would it reestablish peace?
In my tumultuous thread of thoughts

Consulting the zodiac,
I only reconfirm the ever present darkness
That leaks through the dank nerve passages
In an inconsolable mind
Suddenly a panorama of stars brightened
Through the canvass of abysmal darkness
Preserving the coldness in my mind
The Hunter appears, resplendent
Reaffirming the solitude on the outside

So, I plunge deeper into my mind
Escaping the material
And think once more
On the House on the Hill
An illusion that offers false security
While the chaos around me endures

From outside that house, I stand atop
The Morbid Necropolis
Surrounded with fragile glass flowers
Beneath me, infernal forces
Blaze through the city’s structures
Shredding the humanity from the
City’s cultured corpse

Within me, my train of thoughts
Chug effortlessly towards
My small sanctuary of serenity
Then, it Derails and produces
Toxic cynicism

A Seal of Woven Years,
My amassed memories of beauty
Futilely Consoles my smoldering corpse
That still lights with malevolent flames
Sometimes, the beauty begins to disintegrate
Though it works tirelessly to remain intact

An image of my deceased loved one
Recites evocative prose
To my poisoned mind
Afterwords, the desiccated body of my lover
Becomes more pronounced as
They Outreach their bloodied hands
To my blackened hands
And offer me an opportunity to be immortal

“Once upon a time”
I whisper detachedly
Reminding the devilish demon
Of my lover’s true state
Spontaneously, the figure blackens
Along with my own horizon of blackness
With this, I will regain light soon enough
Only until the turbulent storm returns once more