The Wolves of Midwinter

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Senseless Violence

The sound of gunshots pierced my ears-
Jarred me
I was permanently sleepless as long
As this cruel rhythm sounded incessantly
Through this wasteland of bodies
Piled carelessly about me

As I near my death, 
I prayed to God for mercy
While others prayed for the deaths of the supposed enemy...
One cries aloud:
"Oh God, I beseech you to spare me.."
Another screams aloud for the courage to 
Blow their enemy to smithereens...
Another solider with two fatal wounds regretfully 
Prays to no one
He only fantasizes one last time 
About that wife that he might never see again

Why were we sent here?
From the age of two, I was bred
On the notion of warfare
Being the epitome of the glorified man
Wouldn't Jesus be proud that I killed countless people
Without any discretion or any reflection
Upon their individual depth?
I believed blindly in this violent purpose for myself
I convinced myself that they were the enemy-

Kill, or be Killed-
That was really the edict of this land
My commander instructed me that this was God 's work-
Except, that holy book
Vaguely stated that murder was wrong
I was deluded by new theology of course
Spoken in the gruff sincerity of God's elect

As my comrades around me slowly bleed to death,
I could only proclaim:
"Go to hell, God!"
God was probably already there
-Condemned by his own followers to perdition

How could anyone sent
Into the blistering nightmare of war
Of war clutch such contradictory truths?
Was this it? I had to blindly believe
Just to reconcile this violence
In such a contrived way

Senseless.... Oh Lord,
This obligatory violence in my life is senseless
All around me, there is no healing
Just blood and torn limbs
Of all your broken soldiers
We thought we were the pawns of you
But really, we are the slaves of man
If you're there, save us from this unholy mess
For we are being skewered 
In Jesus's name, 

An Assassin's Lament

Love poems are always stuffed
Full of "Bloody" Romantic Melodrama
That is so nauseating
To the extent where the erotic touch wanes
Whereupon the romance suddenly
Transforms into something wretched-
Utter Vermin

How do I love? 
With this murderous streak thundering through my mind
Its an uncontrollable desire that overtakes
And asserts its indomitable will
Murder satiates
Its my gory output 
That has no sensual overtones

Though, that same tingle of warmth
Coils around my nerves
When I hear that pained groan
Attempting to escape their body's
Ultimate submission into death-
That scream:-
-Oh, that woeful, plaintive scream-
It sounds like my cold spirit 
Solemnly singing its sonorous song

Sometimes tears tear through the eye's protective barrier
It threatens to break my terrifying facade
That wears the face of Macbeth
Whom relished the deaths
Though his spirit ranted and raved:
"Why have I done this?"

His gracious lady wore the indelible mark of his guilt
Red Blood of the despots he killed-
This same paint corrodes my soul
Luscious, red blood covers that 
Unknown essence deep within this material body:
The wretched thing we title the 
Vessel, the cage
Where life inexplicably was entrapped in from birth

As my dead victim,
Lies cradled in my arm
With blood permeating my hands
In the style of Lady Macbeth
I witness the damned sign
Of my Future form
Every-time I cruelly murder a life,
I see my death right before my eyes
Yet escape it all the same

I lament that I can no longer process
This burdensome phenomenon
Oh, the paradox of existence
How can we be living with abundant meaning
Only to sink away into the black waters
Of a Meaningless Demise

I don't care if these people die because
They've vanished
Poof! Their mark upon the world is not permanent
Unless they had profound notoriety
Otherwise, they sink away slowly
To the pulsing rhythm of this dying world 
Which slowly vanishes from the sight of 
No living soul  who would have died
 Before the sun extinguishes its light

If only, I had the spiritual eyes
To discern past this oblivion and 
See something far beyond
The nothingness to find
That something tucked 
Beneath the dreaded veil of death 

Wolf Gift Countdown:February 14th, 2012
Vampire/Mummy Month: December 2011

Anne Rice Book-signings: A Very Real Possibility

As we all impatiently..patiently await the release of Anne Rice's "Wolf Gift," many fans are probably speculating about potential book signings. Normally, publishers devise some kind of promotional tour for authors in promotion of their recent book. It is all part of advertising the book because it stokes interest and excitement for the new book. Unfortunately, the changing book market which seems to becoming more focused on e-books over physical books seems to be giving publishers solid reasons to extricate funds normally set aside that are specifically used for book signings. While I greatly love my Kindle, (which I hope to review in-depth in the coming weeks) the greatest disadvantage for the devices is the inability to have your books signed with traditional pen or sharpie marker. Sue Dent, author of the recently published Electric Angel, came up with a solution. She had a virtual signing done via webcam and electronic copies were digitally signed.

To me, there still does not seem to be that great sense of realism. Yes, you still get to have a short conversation with the writer but it is not comparable to a real book signing where you interact with fans prior to the signing. Surely, virtual signings are a wonderful solution for people who live in rural areas of the country who are unable to attend physical signings due to inability to travel far distances. For those people, like me, who love real book-signings, virtual book signings are  largely an inferior option.

Approximately one year ago, I was given the opportunity of meeting Anne Rice who seemed positively overjoyed to meet her fans. We  were all excited  to meet the author whose books gave us many sleepless nights of entertaining reading. Again, I don't think a virtual signing compares with an actual signing. Its very similar to watching low-quality live performances of your favorite band. Where is the ambiance of a room full of thrilled fans? You can't grasp that energy when you're watching a performance through a video or going to a virtual book signing in your pajamas. It all seems sub-par to the real thing!

So, what are Anne Rice's schedule as of now. According to her website, there are no specific details as of recent about any planned book signings for "The Wolf Gift" Within the comment area, I want to hear your wild ideas about potential places to be placed on Anne Rice's tour calendar. Anne Rice is not involved with the process of forming any tour calendars. Additionally, she does not do lavish signings anymore with genuine New Orleans jazz bands or funeral proceedings (Anne Rice actually use to come to book-signings in a casket which is quite befitting of her).  Either way, use Google or any other resources available to you to find potential book stores. Be brave, and send inquiries to these bookstores through email and ask if they're interested in hosting an Anne Rice signing. Additionally, offer them the email address of Kim Thornton who deals specifically with interview or promotional things for Anne Rice's releases. Her email address can be found on Anne Rice's website on the sidebar which is labeled "Interviews."
Who knows? Your email could help bring forth plans for a signing at that bookstore you thought Anne Rice would never visit in a million years.

Here is my own personal wish for a potential tour stop for Anne Rice's book signing: Since I live in the Philly region, I would love for Anne Rice to have a book signing  at the Free Library of Philadelphia . There are definitely enough things for Anne Rice to do in Philadelphia. Seeing as she loves to explore old churches, we have a beautiful church which dates from the colony days. It is called Christ Church and it carries a lot of history. Moreover, we have the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Philadelphia Art Museum which will soon be having a Van-Gough gallery. This art museum recently had an Rembrandt gallery with mainly Jesus paintings that were formerly not exhibited to the public. Readers of Anne Rice are well-aware of her love for history therefore having a signing in Philadelphia seems like a natural choice.

Certainly, many fans reading this have cities nearby that carry it's own unique history. Therefore, when you comment, please include some potential historical sites that Anne Rice might be interested in when visiting your city on a specific leg of the "Wolf Gift" Tour.

Coming soon to my blog: An article about the "enigmatic" Cleopatra that was far more than just a "femme-fatale." The historical Cleopatra was a powerful, imposing figure!! This will launch my series of posts on "Ramses the Damned or The Mummy"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Note to Readers of "A Bibliophile's Reverie"

I've been struggling to juggle all the tasks that must be completed before the end of my semester. Once I get to the blog, all my creative energy is expended. Since, I want my posts be high quality and not the product of a lack of inspiration: I'm making some needed alterations to my schedule for the "Wolf Gift" Countdown. Instead of having it begin in November as originally planned, the countdown officially begins this month. Now, the three supernatural entities/individuals/creatures will be vampires/mummies for the month of December, witches for January, and werewolves for February (during the month when "Wolf Gift" is slated to release.

Please be patient with me as I slowly, but surely finish all my  college assignments. This time is very hectic for college students. My whole semester itself has been jam-packed with about four heavy-duty literature courses. By the time, I'm able to read anything for potential review upon this blog; I'm so thoroughly exhausted with reading that I have to read something that piques my interest. It cannot be another book that I must force myself through in order to adequately access it.

Thank you for your understanding!! "A Bibliophile's Reverie has only been on hiatus recently not because I've abandoned any plans of reviewing anything!! Soon enough, I'll be back with many posts!!

Until then, Prepare yourself for vampires and mummies this month!!!