The Wolves of Midwinter

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wow! I had a great break off from school. First of all I am enjoying the Nintendo Wii and Zelda: TP that I got last week when camping out in front of Target for 13 hrs. before opening last Sunday. I definitely can not wait to get it up online to post blogs from my Wii. That will be cool! Wii is an awesome system and is definitely was worth the $249.99 that it was. Well anyways, this weekend I have been rereading Karen Hancock's Legend of the Guardian King Series for if you have not already check them out for they are one of my most favorite books ever printed in my list of all time favorites these books go up there with Mere Christianity By CS Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia By Cs Lewis, and of course The Lord of the Rings By: JRR Tolkien. The books are definitely not children's books like Donita K. Paul's Dragonspell series (also another great series !__!). Karen Hancock also wrote Arena which is another favorite of mine which sadly went out of print, how unfortunate since this book is also a favorite among some of my anime-obsessed friends. The newest book and the final book releases next spring and I am so excited since the last 3 books were awesome and extremely well-written containing characters so real i really wanted to meet up with the likes of Katahn, Carissa, the oh so beautiful Madaleine, Abramm, and of course my fav. Trap. Also when reading these books, the description of the setting is so amazing that reading it makes you feel as though you are actually there with Abramm in the land off Kiriath. The more and more I reread them, the more I love these books and maybe maybe I hope these books will be made into movies, since Hollywood seems to stink lately and a series like this could change Hollywood forever. Also many books recently in my opinion have not been so good and Karen Hancock is a definite favorite of the millions of fantasy/sci-fi authors out there because her characters are just not cardboard like Da Vinci Code(man that book is not at all well written, of course only if you love really Blah! characters), it seems to me like many of the bestsellers seem to be like Da-Vinci Code where the characters are just Blah, with no substance what so ever. That goes with tv too, (CSI/Law and Order/Bones, not Lost/24 since those and Doctor Who and Stargate are my favorite shows). I have mainly been reading non popular authors such as Donita K.Paul,L.A. Kelly, and Karen Hancock. Since they seem to write better then the authors who sell alot of books. Look at Eragon, that book in my opinion stinks, the setting and plot seem to be taken from LOTRs and Star Wars, and the characters are really BLAH! The only popular authors I enjoy are George R.R. Martin, JK Rowling, Lemony Snicket, and Stuart Hill. So do yourselves a favor and if like me you can not find anything good to read. Definitely check out Karen Hancock's Legend of the Guardian King(The Light of Eidon, Shadow Within, and Shadow over Kiriath and soon Return of the Guardian King in Spring 2007) Series and Arena. The author's site is containing a fan forum with many awesome people who like me are obsessed with Karen Hancock's books and blog of the author which is Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well, so far my school year this year has really been going well except for some of the same problems as last year. For this year, I still have the same people bringing me down to where I was last year, far from God. Like Abramm in the Guardian King series, people are constantly trying to bring me away from my faith. Sometimes, I feel as though it should be very easy to stay strong God, but with Satan's constant sneaky motives to bring me down it constantly is getting harder. Now, I know I should just ditch these certain people bringing me away from God with their so called *superior* liberal views. Its hard though to leave them for there are many others like me in a school of 4,000. I mean of course by boys who love reading books/hate sports type, but there are many of them out there, there just is not many boys with high morals! Sad no wonder why so many girls b/c lesbains

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I was at Borders yet again today and read the next installment in one of my favorite manga series Naruto. Well, I love anime and love the art form. I do not like the anime with alot of sexual material b/c I hate anime like that. But series like Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, and Naruto are some of the many favorites I have. Well I bought The Cry of the Icemark, which is a book about a kingdom called Icemark and a girl Thirrin who takes it over and must defeat an evil empire with the help of many unsuspecting allies, (You will have to read to find out). The book contains, werewolves, zombies, a very charming heroine, and witches, and vampires, and other mythical creatures. I started reading it and I love it!!. I am also reading Secret Life of Bees for my reading group and lets say a bore compared to the action packed fantasy books I love so much.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Here is the link for The light of Eidon trailer I created:
Oh Karen Hancock if you are watching Hope you liked it!

Harry Potter in my opinion is not bad. Actually I am a huge fan of it. Many Christians hate it but I do not know why. It really separates good and evil very well. The books are free of any sexual material and really bad language unlike everything that is on TV. They teach really good values like courage and love. In all Harry Potter is an awesome series and I believe there is Christian symbolism in it like many fantasy novels. Now fantasy means IMAGINARY, not real. That means the magic in Harry Potter is not real. While there is real witchcraft, as Christians we should know the truth and that real wiccan practices cannot really create magic and that God is the one who can create miracles not wiccan worshippers. While I believe no Christian should practice witchcraft. I stand by the strong belief that reading fantasy novels is not a sin and that God means when he tells us do not delve into witchcraft, he means actually practicing the religion not reading Harry Potter. This may sound wired to many conservative Christians but there are books that back up my belief in Christian parallels like Looking for God in Harry Potter by:John Granger;
Harry Potter actually in a wierd way gave me more courage to go out and do what God wants me to do. My favorite quote from Harry Potter is when dumbledore in GOF saids,"In the end we must all choose between what is right and what is easy." Of course it is easy to do what the world does but it is hard to choose what god wants us to do but in the end is very rewarding. Many Christians bash Harry Potter b/c of what they heard from FOTF. FOTF is not always right about everything. More better Christian publications like Christianity Today have said Harry Potter is a good book and has many chirstian values. So please Christians read Harry Potter, you may be surprised to find Harry Potter is not as evil as everyone who hasn't really read it before has said. Here is CT Today's article:
So please try this wonderful series!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I made a fan made trailer for The Light of Eidon using Gladiator/ LOTRs clips. I set the video to private so if you would like to view it please email me with your email adress so I may send you the link
I love Karen Hancock's works so much that I created my own Guardian King t-shirt:
Here are the pics
Front of shirt

Back of shirt: