The Wolves of Midwinter

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

X Japan is back after a decade of anything non existent music wise, they have now returned. Just nine years after death of guitarist Hide, one of the best guitarists ever. What makes X Japan, from the amazing voice of Toshi, the songwriting and drum playing, the bass playing of Heath and piano playing of master Yoshiki. Or of course the awesome guitar playing of Hide and Pata. It is the combination of all these geniuses that make this band one of the most renowned bands in both Japan and the world. Their newest single with unreleased guitar tracks from hide, called IV was on the credits of Saw 4, one of the only reasons I even saw that movie in the first place, since actual track has no release date. They are having a Reunion tour in Japan. Oh man! Why not America, I would die to see them live! Seriously they are an amazing band!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour Day 2, my post one day late

I finally sit myself upon my green Ikea Swivel chair to bring you my review of Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead, a master at fantasy. I recently discovered him, and let me say, I truly did not believe he would be any good. Mostly because, yes, let me admit. I have a problem sometimes with the fantasy genre seeming to take upon the same legends and renovating them. Its something that to me is a bit overdone. But was I being fair. I am judging a book by its cover, a book with a rather snazy cover. How dare I insult a book in that manner. I opened the book and began reading. I was rather indifferent at the moment of beginning the book. So far, standard devices. It may sound like I hated but sometimes when I open a book, I immediately am harsh with it, and think the worst of it. Must have to do with my rather pessimistic self. As I continued to read, I stopped looking at the clock,, stopped using the bathroom, getting up to get a snack or watch some anime online. I was transported to the Welsh woods. I was hooked! Stephen Lawhead's writing entranced me, inspired me. When I finished the book, I dropped it, and immediately felt sadness, that such a great book had to end so quickly. Lawhead's writing is just as many of my online friends have been describing it as, awe inspiring, not at all stale or cliche, like I thought previously before I dove in and began the book. Anyone with even the slightest interest in the Fantasy genre, Stephen Lawhead is a master at his art, and one day just as Mr. Hopper met him, I hope to meet him and tell him the great amount of inspiration I gathered for my writing within my books! He made me for the first time in three months gather just a bit of confidence to write a fair amount of pages of my own story. Thank you Mr. Lawhead, now I must go read some of the Song of Abrion, I have been hearing a lot of great stuff about that books

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Monday, November 19, 2007

I have had time to think about it and I have recently just read a very great post by John Granger, who did not fall for the media's trap. The media heard the word gay and ran with it and totally blew it up. I do not believe in totally hating upon the Harry Potter books. I have read them completely, and really do continue to love their message of love. I do not feel that the Dumbledore gay revelation was her means of saying she wanted children to accept homosexuality. Maybe it was her means of showing he struggled with it. That is what John Granger wrote up on, and I literally said this is a great post by a Christian I highly respect. Many Christians seemed to immediately react and type up complete rants in order to look good in the eyes of their peers. I am writing this post, because this is what I honestly feel. I feel Dumbledore was a loving person who understand how it feels to be estranged from the world. Fine you may not admit homosexuality is not a real issue, but I think it is, and it is not a fabrication to try and gain attention. There is a very interesting verse in the bible, when Jesus talks of divorce, and saids that some who are born eunuchs, do not need to be married. This fully supports being asexual when you are homosexual and that the struggle is not a sin but the ACT, chaste in other words. I believe Dumbledore found that his love was unmeaningful and decided thus to remain chaste. His struggle helps him to understand others, magical creatures, elves, those estranged by common society. Sort of like how some churches act, we as Christians close our doors and act hostile towards those we fear. Because fear makes us afraid and makes us hate. Hate is a sin, and for me it something I see lurking about the world in huge amounts. Christians laughing at other miseries, hypocrisy, it is running rampant. We as Christians sometimes act like pure bloods, act like the priests who walk right past the man who had just gotten beaten, and the only one to notice him is the Samaritan. We fear differences, we want all Christians to be in uniformity, we fear the Christians with the piercings or engaging in many various sorts of media. Those who were at birth born lame or with mental deficiencies. We shut our doors on rape victims. Why do we pay millions in supporting a company like Exodus to make people who many Christians hate upon even more confused. I challenge all who read this blog to break down walls and act as Dumbledore and to be loving towards those who many Christians have left behind, instead retreating to act among the pures as pure bloods, calling those who are gay, mudbloods.