The Wolves of Midwinter

Friday, May 17, 2013

Making the Complete Shift to Wordpress

Click the above picture of migratory birds to be directed to new WordPress blog

   Wordpress page ( will indeed be interminably slow, and that is because not all my readers are checking every update on this page as frequently as I would. For every subsequent post on here, I will be sure to include a very noticeable link to the same post on my new page. This process will continue for about six months, and after that six months transitory period, I will finally be deleting this blog on Blogger permanently. The WordPress page will hopefully proper without the awful intrusion of any spam-related activity.
  Yesterday, I frantically posted a rather angry tirade, venting my rather negative feelings about Blogger as a whole. I'll still be updating both pages. It will be plenty tiresome to have to keep up with both for now. But, the migration of my readers over to my new blog is naturally going to be a very slow process, and I don't want to needlessly confuse people by ceasing all posts on this page without explicit warnings.

      In the post from yesterday, I made my grievances about Blogger quite clear. I hope that the domain name change does not confuse any publishers, readers, and self-published writers that have been visiting here and sending inquiries over the years. This change will hopefully keep me more alert to some of your very well-written inquiries that I have sometimes neglected, due to college obligations that will no longer exist due to having only one more class left to take for the summer (before I finally graduate).
    Thanks again for your patience and understanding during this move,
     Fantastyfreak aka. Justin/ (Writer and Owner of A Bibliophile's Reverie)

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