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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Electric Angel Graphic Novel...A Very Real Possibility!!

    Personally, I love the cover for Sue Dent's fantastic novel that will most certainly be featured as a recommendation on this blog very soon (review&interview involving Sue Dent's clever candor). I've been very familiar with Sue Dent's books for nearly five years, ever since happening upon her book Never Ceese at my local library.

      In the following link (accessible via clicking the cover-art for Electric Angel above), you can read more details about this highly daunting, yet very real project. Within the coming weeks, you'll be hearing much more about Sue Dent, as part of Anne Rice fan month!

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Author Sue Dent said...

It's an absolute honor to be featured here and a wonderful surprise. And part of Anne Rice Fan Month to boot!


One certainly can't write any sort of vampire literature without being a fan of Anne Rice! I've never followed her more closely than when she made the bold decision to not write from her once atheistic views (or I think that's what she said.)

As someone whose faith shapes the way they write, I can say I was completely supportive of this move (not that it really matters but it made me feel good. LOL)

I was a bit disappointed when she shared with me once, in an e-mail response, that she'd never write vampire literature again (at least not the way she used to) because it took her to a very dark place that she didn't wish to revisit.

I completely understand and respect that stance, again, not that it matters. But oh my! All this can wait for said interview. ;D

Also, as a writer clinging to each rail of the publishing ladder as I climb it, I couldn't thank YOU more for your support. It's readers like you who make my dream look more like a reality every stinking day I breath!

Ms. Rice has a wonderful fan in you as well. Again, I'm honored for the mention. Thank you so much.