The Wolves of Midwinter

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Cracked Heart

(Inspired by Evanescence's My Heart is Broken/ The Yellow Wallpaper)

During the pitch-black night,
I saw my soul brushing up
Desperately against the cavern of my heart
It surreptitiously slipped through the subtle slit

Of a heart I never knew seemed irreparably broken

I haven't cried for years
If I'd known it had a gash, wouldn't I have wept?
For injuries of such depth should
Horrendously harrow the whole of my heart

Is it the soul now that  lights up the 
Nightmarish Night
It was garish light
Appearing bravely in such bold blackness
Does it know the cure of a broken heart?

The rain falls melodramatically about me
Filling up the empty glass of my rib cage
I can hear someone splutter, was that my pained voice?
Seeking breath, discovering a long lost voice

As my soul rides the coattails of the
Stormy breath of wind

I see the opaque shadows of
Rails cast on yellow wallpaper

Sighing aloud, I leave the storm behind me
While the rain silently subsides
The resplendent light of my soul shines
On my broken heart in my hands- beating with unremitting life 

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