The Wolves of Midwinter

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

X Japan is back after a decade of anything non existent music wise, they have now returned. Just nine years after death of guitarist Hide, one of the best guitarists ever. What makes X Japan, from the amazing voice of Toshi, the songwriting and drum playing, the bass playing of Heath and piano playing of master Yoshiki. Or of course the awesome guitar playing of Hide and Pata. It is the combination of all these geniuses that make this band one of the most renowned bands in both Japan and the world. Their newest single with unreleased guitar tracks from hide, called IV was on the credits of Saw 4, one of the only reasons I even saw that movie in the first place, since actual track has no release date. They are having a Reunion tour in Japan. Oh man! Why not America, I would die to see them live! Seriously they are an amazing band!!!!!

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