The Wolves of Midwinter

Monday, March 12, 2012

Witches Amongst Us

I knew a witch
With chocolate hair
Hair emblazoned with sin
She was like a great clump of dirt
Who had the face of  a flower
That mesmerized her band of ardent followers
Devoted to her for eternity
I was once bewitched by her
Until I tasted her poison

Within the virtual world
She nestled herself
Creating a false persona
That obnoxiously aired grievances
About past enemies
Or the jarring sound
Of Chorused sneezes from others
Who sat nearby her holy throne
Surrounded by a sentry of large cats
One of whom was not a cat,
But a shadowy ninja
Who was her greatest devotee

She dreamt that she was invulnerable
Seemingly impenetrable
In a sense, she was a goddess
As massive, and dense as a chunk of marble
This was the view of her rank
Amongst those who have nothing
But unswerving adulation
For this spineless witch
Wearing the robes
Of one of the Greek Muses

Except, she hardly enlightened anyone
She spited people
Oh, she absolutely did

To the downtrodden, she opened her loving arms
Consumed their deepest pains,and
Regurgitated them to her flock of devotees                                        
  Every story of others was misconstrued
To cement her high rank
In the eyes of others

My eyes discern the truth
After, I tasted her poison,and
                               Sharply recognized the depth of her cruelty
                                While, her disciples believe her to be infallible, and
                               Her enemies to be traitorous bastards
                               I can still remember the sting of her betrayal

                            Since that woeful day,
              It has been hard for me, and others to find healing
                         Because her type of cruelty excels in
                           The type of manipulative subtlety
               That makes you doubt the reality of her witchiness
                         Then, you wonder if other witches lurk
                             Waiting to utilize your burdens
                           As gold for their own personal profit

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